All Aboard for Deshar

Boat of Garten has recently received a welcome injection of young people – now has 26 children under the age of 4 years.
However, this really good news will have an impact on children wishing to attend Deshar nursery, and is of great concern to parents, and the community. Currently the nursery has a maximum capacity of 10 children. Indications are that this must double by August 2020 to meet demand.
Despite the desire of HC for parents to have a nursery place of their choice, the ability to do this at Deshar will be constrained by lack of capital expenditure resources.

Showboaters has offered to support a 20 month fundraising project.

ALL ABOARD for Deshar nursery – has been formed, with the following founding members: Ann Napier (Chair): Sharon Wilkinson (Treasurer): Kim Dixon: Jo-Ann Clark: Claire Clark: Allan Richards: Iona Clark, and its aim is to work with:

• Showboaters and others to co-ordinate, organise, and run fundraising activities;
• HC to have sufficient nursery places by August 2020 so all our young children are able to go together to Deshar
The project is supported by the Head of Deshar, our SMP Fergus Ewing, Westminster MP Drew Hendry, HC elected member Muriel Cockburn. Senior HC Officers have given their support in principle.
The agreed target is a whopping…..wait for it……£100,000! So we all need to get cracking.

All Aboard for Deshar Nursery Facebook Group